Digital revolution is here

We help companies streamline and expand their business through digital innovations.

Digitalization, mobile apps, online services, startups, innovations and new business models are changing the world. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Every year we meet young innovators, technical founders and startup entrepreneurs that have interesting products, but struggle with sales and marketing.

We also work with corporations and centuries-old businesses that struggle with innovation and new products.

So, we decided to connect these two worlds together and bring the best from both to a new era. No matter whether you’re looking for new products, innovations for your company or just want to invest in promising startups…



Why should corporations work with startups?

Working with innovators and startups can bring great ideas, but it can also help you rejuvenate your corporate culture.

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Intel/Cisco/Deutsche Telecom's ChallengeUp!

Next week we will be mentoring startups at the new Intel/Cisco/Deutsche Telecom's startup accelerator.

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Keynotes and presentations 2015

Meet our CEO during his keynotes and presentations at the biggest Czech conferences and events.

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How can we help?

We specialize in digital innovations for both internal processes and business expansion.

Looking for new products
for your customers?

There are thousands of startups with great, scalable, not only digital products. Use this advantage and impress your customers.

Want to innovate your products,
services or operations?

Create internal innovation activities or use hard working startups to help you innovate externally.

Do you want to invest in young
and emerging startups?

You can watch the digital revolution in the news, or you can be part of it. Use your free cash and our smart money to invest.

Our services

Every year we attend tens of business events, mentor hundreds of startups and get information about thousands of new startups and innovations.

Investment in startups can be the best long-term company strategy. You can invest not only for profit, but also to save money and benefit from your suppliers.

There are great teams that can truly innovate. Show them your company issues and invest only if they come up with a great solution and low execution risk.

Startups can bring billions in valuation, but must be properly managed. We have great experience in helping them with business development.

Our clients and partners

Enjoy the benefits of our services like our great customers and partners

Our team

Managing Director

Filip Dřímalka Linked In

774 733 454

Filip Drimalka has been engaged in activities in the field of marketing, business development and innovation for over ten years. He has launched several projects (e.g. or and his consultancy firm has worked successfully with startups as well as Czech Top 100 companies.

As a chief specialist partner of the project T-Mobile Takeoffs and as a mentor in the biggest university incubators he helps people get their businesses off the ground.

As the one of the mentors in european accelerator Deutsche Telekom – Hub:raum he help great technology startups and gives talks on conferences and workshops around Europe.

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